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This report tries to pull out what we can learn from these experiences at a moment when it seems like there is a lot of appetite from governments and from advocacy groups for more regulation.EIGHT CASE STUDIES ON REGULATING BIOMETRIC TECHNOLOGY SHOW US A PATH FORWARDKAREN HAOSEPTEMBER 4, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
Amid strong investor appetite for electric-vehicle companies, a startup backed by Bill Gates plans to raise $1 billion by going public.BILL GATES–BACKED EV BATTERY STARTUP TO GO PUBLIC USING WALL STREET’S LATEST BUZZY TRICKAARON PRESSMANSEPTEMBER 3, 2020FORTUNE
In many quarters, there’s a strong appetite for a smaller scale, for mom-and-pop and indie and artisanal.AMERICA’S HIDDEN DUOPOLY (EP. 356 REBROADCAST)STEPHEN J. DUBNERSEPTEMBER 3, 2020FREAKONOMICS
I think what seems to be building in America is a growing appetite and a growing recognition that this isn’t working for our country.AMERICA’S HIDDEN DUOPOLY (EP. 356 REBROADCAST)STEPHEN J. DUBNERSEPTEMBER 3, 2020FREAKONOMICS
Typically, e-commerce sales would now be entering a lull ahead of the scramble of sale days and shopping in November and December, said Watson, who doesn’t expect the last five months to dampen the appetite for the upcoming holiday spending spree.BEYOND THE BOOM AND BUST CYCLE: HOW THE SUN GREW AND STABILIZED ITS E-COMMERCE REVENUE HAULLUCINDA SOUTHERNAUGUST 27, 2020DIGIDAY
To achieve this, she said there is still “an appetite for article-driven content where we’re able to dig deep into a topic and show thought leadership and analysis.”HOW THE WASHINGTON POST IS CREATING IMPACT THROUGH SOCIALLY MINDED BRANDED CONTENTKAYLEIGH BARBERAUGUST 26, 2020DIGIDAY
When taste diminishes, with age or after treatments such as chemotherapy, people can lose their appetites and become malnourished.NEWLY DISCOVERED CELLS IN MICE CAN SENSE FOUR OF THE FIVE TASTESCAROLYN WILKEAUGUST 13, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
The news group has grown a seven-figure incremental revenue stream over the last eight months, thanks to the increasing appetite for campaigns delivered via social video.‘WE CAN BE AGILE AND EVOLVE’: NEWS UK IS QUICKLY GROWING A 7-FIGURE INCREMENTAL REVENUE STREAM FROM SOCIAL VIDEOLUCINDA SOUTHERNAUGUST 5, 2020DIGIDAY
Around April in a normal year, tourists begin flocking to Europe before reaching peak numbers in the early summer months, bringing with them an appetite to spend that’s critical to the region’s business ecosystem.TRAVEL SPENDING HAS VANISHED ACROSS EUROPEMARC BAINJULY 27, 2020QUARTZ
Finding fans that have the influence and appetite to work in this way has been tricky to date mainly because influencer marketing is geared to incentivize advertisers to work with those influencers who guarantee reach over actual influence.FOR SOME BRANDS, GENERAL MILLS IS PRIORITIZING BRAND ADVOCATES OVER INFLUENCERSSEB JOSEPHJULY 21, 2020DIGIDAY


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