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Both he and Coach Scott Brooks mentioned this week the apparent signs of fatigue up and down the roster.
The following day, he apologized but showed no apparent remorse and said he had no intention of resigning.
But, halfway into last season, the Titans parted ways with the former RunAway roster after an apparent falling out between the team and the organization.
That it is so readily apparent now is testament to the power of hard work and activism.
It wasn’t until the winter, for example, that South Dakota had the most deaths in its long-term-care facilities, months after the need to protect nursing-home residents was apparent.
“Someone is running on the field, some guy with a bra,” Harlan said of the man, who was dressed in shorts and a pink singlet that bore the name of a reportedly pornographic website, in an apparent publicity stunt.
That’s apparent in the map above, where all the observed amounts shaded in blue on the left-hand panel fell within that range.
Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes, aged just 25 and winning his first Super Bowl a year ago, is Brady’s clear heir apparent.
Kansas City’s desperation to get back into the game was apparent on the previous drive, when Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes heaved a third-and-long pass off his back foot in to coverage.
When it became even more apparent by Sunday afternoon that the coastal storm would form too far north to produce heavy snow in Washington, we lowered the forecast for Monday and Tuesday to a coating of two inches.


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