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On this page you'll find 4 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to Amerind, such as: american indian, amerindian, and indian.

How to use Amerind in a sentence

  • She had slipped out of the conventionalized Amerind outfit to which Bordman was accustomed.

    Sand Doom | William Fitzgerald Jenkins
  • And that has often since suggested to me our national policy in treating the Amerind.

  • The study of the ancestors of our present-day Amerind has occupied the time and attention of many scholars with small results.

    Picturesque Pala | George Wharton James
  • The Arab, like the Amerind, likes to make speech in conference, and eloquence is well held by the Chaambra.

    Black Man's Burden | Dallas McCord Reynolds
  • For instance, the white man was never able to enslave the Amerind; he died before he would become a slave.

    Black Man's Burden | Dallas McCord Reynolds

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