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Synonym of the day

Thursday, August 26, 2021


sway is a synonym of convince

verb [ swey ]

sway is another word for convince

Convince and sway refer to persuading a person to believe or do something. Convince, which shares a Latin root with “victor,” suggests using argument or evidence to win the assent of someone (Her recommendations convinced me she was right for the job). Sway suggests less definite means and ends. Someone has been swayed when their opinions or feelings shift or lean in the desired direction. Sometimes this is all that can be hoped for when trying to change public opinion—a frequent object of sway, as are juries, elections, and voters, especially undecided ones. Some common agents said to sway the masses are politicians, propaganda, and prejudice. But it can also be said that the presence of a laundry room can sway a couple to purchase a house. You never know what’s going to tip the scales.

Commonly found as

sway voters
Polls suggest that the governor’s handling of the hurricane in the final months of her term swayed voters.
sway opinion
The internet and especially social media have given rise to a new job title—the influencer, hired to sway opinion on brands and products by cultivating a quasi-social relationship with consumers.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2021


leery is a synonym of suspicious

adjective [ leer-ee ]

leery is another word for suspicious

Suspicious and leery describe a feeling of distrust or unease towards something or someone. If you are suspicious of the person parked in front of your house, you believe they’re up to no good despite there being no evidence of danger. Suspicious can also describe the object of our mistrust—a suspicious person or package, whereas leery applies only to people or their feelings or thoughts towards something. If you are leery of strangers, you are cautious, wary, or untrusting around them, and maybe avoid them, but you don’t necessarily attribute evil to them: your misgivings may stem from something else—maybe you are shy, or were taught not to trust strangers. A person can also be leery of entering into a particular activity or situation: He remained leery of boats; I am leery about walking home alone at night.

Commonly found as

a little leery
She was a little leery of taking the job because the last time she worked in such a demanding position, she was burned out after only a year.
should be leery
Investors should be leery right now, since prices for basic goods are likely to increase for a good while.

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Synonym of the day

Tuesday, August 24, 2021


rendezvous is a synonym of meeting

noun [ rahn-duh-voo, -dey- ]

rendezvous is another word for meeting

A meeting is an organized gathering of people for a specific purpose or agenda: a staff meeting; a town meeting. Meeting usually implies a scheduled assembly of the members or employees of a particular organization. Rendezvous, with the same form for the singular as the plural, can be much more intriguing than meetings. A rendezvous is when two or more people meet up at a place and time they have agreed upon. It’s similar to an appointment, but occurs outside the workday environment, and the word can connote a secret or romantic meeting: a rendezvous between spies; a rendezvous with a lover. But the word rendezvous is just as apt for a social meetup at a bar or reuniting with a group after splitting up to explore a museum. Half the point of a rendezvous is to return to each other.

Commonly found as

arrange a rendezvous
He has a tricky schedule today, but he needs this flash drive, so I arranged a rendezvous with him in the park across the street from his office at noon.
secret rendezvous
Not yet ready to go public with their relationship, the two enjoyed their secret rendezvous at out of the way restaurants and hotels.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar