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Friday, August 20, 2021


rummage is a synonym of search

verb [ ruhm-ij ]

rummage is another word for search

rSearch and rummage refer to carefully or thoroughly looking for something missing or lost. To search is to carefully move through or look through a place or space to find a person or thing: We searched the amusement park for the missing child; He searched her desk for the letter. Rummage has a narrower range of application and specifies the manner of searching. If you rummage through a suitcase, you move things around or turn them over in order to search. Usually what is rummaged through is a receptacle or a space where things are very close together–a purse, a trash can, cupboards, drawers, an attic, or a wardrobe.  If there is only a carton of milk and a package of tofu dogs in the refrigerator, you can’t really rummage through that.

Commonly found as

rummage in the cupboard
I failed to read the recipe beforehand, and in a panic, I had to go rummaging in the cupboards for mustard seed.
rummage through the racks
The store seems empty, but the serious shoppers are all downstairs rummaging through the sales racks.

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Thursday, August 19, 2021


acrimonious is a synonym of bitter

adjective [ ak-ruh-moh-nee-uhs ]

acrimonious is another word for bitter

Bitter and acrimonious both describe a person’s nature, speech, or behavior as harsh with anger, resentment, or cynicism. Bitter suggests a deep dissatisfaction or disillusionment that has turned into a resentful or cynical grudge against someone or something–or everything–as if experience had left a bad taste in one’s mouth: her failed dreams had made her bitter. The tone of a bitter debate would be hateful, angry, or sarcastic. An acrimonious debate suggests an angry, even vicious exchange that may also be bitter, but generally is less rooted in personal resentment. However, given the frequent occurrence of acrimonious together with divorce there can be plenty of bitterness signalled by the word acrimonious.

Commonly found as

acrimonious divorce
Their acrimonious divorce, with its nasty custody battle, alienated their friends, many of whom thought both had lost all their compassion.
acrimonious departure
Rumors of the political commentator’s acrimonious departure were borne out when her angry and accusatory emails to the network were published.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2021


suave is a synonym of smooth

adjective [ swahv ]

suave is another word for smooth

Smooth has a number of meanings, most with positive connotations about texture or motion (smooth skin, smooth flight, smooth transition). However, when it’s used of a person or a person’s manner or speech, which is also suave’s domain, it can skew negative and suggest a pleasing, easy manner that is self-interested or manipulative (smooth talker, smooth operator), even if requiring admirable skill: He’s smooth, I have to admit! Suave, from a Latin word meaning “sweet,” suggests a smoothly agreeable and sophisticated manner or style. Its smoothness is a polished, confident, but inoffensive easiness and gentleness that pairs well with “sophisticated” and “debonair.” It can apply as much to appearance as to manner: looking suave in his white linen suit. Men, especially actors, are more likely than women to be called suave.

Commonly found as

suave and sophisticated
Having ditched his usual coveralls for an Italian suit, Cary arrived at the gala looking suave and sophisticated.
suave manner
No matter how difficult her guests were, the talk show host never dropped the suave manner that made her interviews such a delight to watch.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar