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Tuesday, August 17, 2021


hone is a synonym of sharpen

verb [ hohn ]

hone is another word for sharpen

Sharpen and hone refer to increasing the fineness of a point or thinness of a cutting edge on a tool to increase its effectiveness. Sharpen is the everyday word we apply to knives, blades, edges, pencils, and claws. It’s also commonly extended to mean improving an ability or skill. A challenge that sharpens your skills improves them, so that you can do a better job with them. Now, something that needs sharpening could be dull, whereas hone often suggests making something sharp even sharper. A hone is a whetstone (sharpening stone) of particularly fine, closely-packed grain. The verb has a literal definition (honed my carving knife), but most often refers to refining, polishing, and perfecting skills, techniques, or abilities, as in difficult assignments that honed our critical thinking skills.

Commonly found as

hone one's skills
You may detest role-playing exercises, but they are the best way to hone your interview skills.
help to hone
Many professional comedians practice their routines at open-mic nights in dingy clubs, which helps to hone their craft for performing on a bigger stage.

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Monday, August 16, 2021


jettison is a synonym of discard

verb [ jet-uh-suhn, -zuhn ]

jettison is another word for discard

Heave ho! Discard and jettison both refer to getting rid of things that we don’t want or need. When it’s not a card game move, discard usually refers to throwing something away, as when a recipe instructs us to remove the stems and discard. Jettison is a strong synonym for discard, especially when describing getting rid of things that have value for the sake of making progress on something. Literally, jettison means to cast cargo overboard in order to lighten the load of a ship (and subsequently an air- or spacecraft): They jettisoned the lunar module to prepare for descent. By extension it also can mean to offload any type of obstacle that is impeding success, including ideas and practices. As a manager, you may have to jettison the notion that you will be able to please everyone.

Commonly found as

jettison + principle
When he realized that half the members wanted to modify what for him was the core of his proposal, he jettisoned the principle of cooperation and pulled rank to push his plan through.
jettison + baggage
The pilot knew that if he didn’t jettison the baggage, the plane would run out of fuel and have to land in treacherous mountain terrain.

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Synonym of the day

Sunday, August 15, 2021


auspicious is a synonym of promising

adjective [ aw-spish-uhs ]

auspicious is another word for promising

Promising and auspicious are used to describe a thing or person with qualities that lead us to expect they will turn out favorably. A promising first draft possesses elements that, if developed, will constitute a good paper, and people have high hopes for a promising young man or woman. The optimal time to be promising is, of course, at the start (a vacation off to a promising start). Auspicious start is also common usage, and can be used synonymously. Strictly, however, auspicious means “boding well,” as if foretold by an omen. An auspicious sign bodes well for something or someone. Auspicious is frequently used to describe times: an auspicious occasion, day, or moment. Here it suggests that the outcome of something is lucky, well-timed, or favorable at that time. In usage, the meaning of auspicious varies between "promising" and “favorable for.”

Commonly found as

most auspicious
Traditionally, in China, the calendar can be used to calculate the most auspicious days that year for everything from buying gold to getting married.
auspicious beginning
The major company’s offer to partner with ours was an auspicious beginning for our fledgling enterprise.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar