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Saturday, August 14, 2021


bestow is a synonym of give

verb [ bih-stoh ]

bestow is another word for give

Give and bestow refer to presenting something voluntarily to someone, without expecting anything in return. This is the primary definition of give, which we use with “gift” and “present,” or the specific item given (I’m giving her a bike for her birthday). Bestow is very similar to give in the action it denotes, but it is generally used for intangible or unspecified treasures that can’t be bought, such as blessings, honor, grace, gifts, wealth, title, or authority, which are bestowed on or upon someone, often by someone in a high position–God is frequently the subject of bestow. Bestow is an elevated, formal term which can have a ceremonial feel of past eras, but you will encounter it adding nuance to more ordinary acts (bestowed a kiss on his cheek, bestowed a radiant smile upon her guests).

Commonly found as

bestow honor
I am proud to bestow this honor so richly deserved on Bowser, a military working dog who has been sniffing out explosives and saving lives for 10 years.
god + bestow
In Greek mythology, the god Apollo first bestowed the gift of prophecy on Cassandra, and then laid a curse on her–that she would never be believed.

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Friday, August 13, 2021


missive is a synonym of letter

noun [ mis-iv ]

missive is another word for letter

Letter and missive refer to a written communication addressed to one or more people normally sent by mail or email. Letter is the general term and is used particularly when the message bears the conventional format of a hand- or typewritten letter, rather than being an email or text. Missive is a rather formal, less familiar synonym for letter, often used for an official or public communication (the CEO’s missive to shareholders), but it can be used for any message or announcement that is directed towards an individual or group (the latest in a string of Twitter missives from the Governor). It’s not entirely clear why missives are more often said to be “fired off” than letters are, but its shared root with “missile” (miss- meaning “send”) may have something to do with that.

Commonly found as

send a missive
The president of the association sends a yearly missive to members, which looks back at the achievements of the past year and announces important initiatives in the coming year, but employees mostly read it in the hope of seeing their name mentioned.
latest missive
The commissioner’s latest missive to the newspaper condemns the push to move away from fossil fuels, and has unkind words for certain government leaders.

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Thursday, August 12, 2021


venal is a synonym of corrupt

adjective [ veen-l ]

venal is another word for corrupt

Corrupt and venal apply to a person or act, especially in public office, whose motives are mercenary and self-interested, without regard for honor, right, or justice. Corrupt, the much more familiar term, is used of institutions (corrupt government, corrupt system) as well as individuals (corrupt politicians), whose morals have been eroded by temptations of power, especially bribery. Venal, which originally meant “for sale,” tends to be used of individuals and their actions (venal politician, venal motive). It often implies a more repulsive, personal quality, one that is shamelessly open to bribery, willing to sell patronage, and thoroughly debased before they entered office.

Commonly found as

venal politician
The satirical TV show took aim at venal politicians whose stance on any given issue was for sale to the highest bidder.
venal motive
After an extensive investigation the judge was found to have had no venal motive for his ruling, but ever since then his reputation was tainted.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar