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reddish-brown is a synonym of cinnamon

adjective [ sin-uh-muhn ]

reddish-brown is another word for cinnamon

✅ All of the following are cinnamon synonyms (say that three times fast)!

1️⃣ Reddish-brown, although longer to say than cinnamon, is a more direct way to describe a color with a dark hue that combines red and brown (Her hair was reddish-brown).

2️⃣ You could also use amenable amber to describe a yellowish or brownish color (The cat's amber eyes gleamed in the darkness).

3️⃣ Russet rolls off the tongue, and refers to a yellowish-brown, light-brown, or reddish-brown that was originally the color of a homespun cloth (The old sea chest is a dark russet).

Any of these synonyms of cinnamon should help you tackle this spicy word!

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noun [ per-sep-tuh-bil-i-tee ]

perceptibility is another word for visibility

Visibility refers to something or someone being visible, or the capability of something to be seen (Visibility is often low in the winter).

Perceptibility refers to the capability of something to be perceived, or understood (The sound was on the edge of perceptibility).

Visibility focuses on the idea that someone or something can be seen or recognized for who or what they are (We want to enhance the visibility of underrepresented groups in the workplace).

✅ Perceptibility emphasizes the idea of something being identifiable through senses other than sight (Adding a scent to the gas improves its perceptibility).

We hope we’ve helped with the perceptibility of the differences between these synonyms!

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flatten is a synonym of level

verb [ flat-n ]

flatten is another word for level

Level means to make a surface even or properly horizontal (We spent some time leveling the kitchen shelves so things stopped rolling off).

Flatten means to make something flat (Flatten the box before you throw it away).

Level and flatten can both mean to knock something down to make space for something else (The developers leveled the abandoned house; They flattened the strip mall to make room for housing).

✅ While level and flatten can also mean to knock down an opponent, only level has the more positive sense of being honest about something (She wanted to level with us about the price).

Flatten your word rivals with the help of these synonyms!

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