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Thursday, August 27, 2020


modification is a synonym of change

noun [ mod-uh-fi-key-shuhn ]

modification is another word for change

A modification is a partial alteration or adjustment. This word works as a synonym for the noun change when talking about relatively small changes—or modifications—that leave the fundamental nature of a thing intact. For instance, we make modifications to our behavior, lifestyle, or diet, when we want to alter but not completely overhaul these areas of our lives. Similarly, modifications may be made to rules, loans, or contracts to make them more lenient or feasible while preserving the essentials.

Commonly found as

slight modification
The friends made a slight modification to the rules of the game to allow for more players.
require modification
Making the trail safe for bikes, scooters, and pedestrians would require a number of modifications.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020


ascertain is a synonym of learn

verb [ as-er-teyn ]

ascertain is another word for learn

To ascertain something is to determine it with certainty. That’s right, the key idea of ascertain is right there in the word itself: certain(ty). Contrasted with the verb learn, which can imply knowledge come upon without much effort (I just learned the show was canceled), ascertain suggests deliberate steps taken to confirm or verify the truth or particulars of a matter. Perhaps because certainty is harder to come by, we commonly find ascertain used in constructions that showcase its absence, as in long-term effects that are difficult to ascertain.

Commonly found as

difficult to ascertain
The extent of damage was difficult to ascertain because of limited access to the area.
ascertain whether
The purpose of the survey was to ascertain whether the ad campaign had changed anyone's mind.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020


arduous is a synonym of hard

adjective [ ahr-joo-uhs ]

arduous is another word for hard

To call something arduous is to emphasize how much labor or effort it requires, or to call attention to how time consuming and tedious it is. An arduous task, for instance, is one that takes a long time to complete and is generally unpleasant to perform. An arduous journey is one that presents many perils and difficulties and requires great perseverance.

Commonly found as

long and arduous
The trek to the summit was extremely long and arduous.
arduous task
She missed many things about living in a colder climate, but not the arduous task of shoveling snow.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar