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Synonym of the day

Tuesday, August 18, 2020


encounter is a synonym of find

verb [ en-koun-ter ]

encounter is another word for find

To find something is to locate or obtain it. To encounter something is to come upon it unexpectedly. Those who find something are usually looking for it, and may be delighted or relieved to find it. Those who encounter something—not so much! Confrontation and conflict accompany encounter in many contexts because the word entered English poised for battle; its earliest sense was “to meet in conflict,” as in “We will encounter the enemy at dawn.” Today, encounter is used less to talk about daybreak adversaries, and more about unforeseen obstacles and difficulties.

Commonly found as

encounter difficulties
His cross-country trip was thrilling, but he encountered many difficulties along the way.
frequently encounter
The fact-checkers on the story said they frequently encountered denial and blame.

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Monday, August 17, 2020


amiable is a synonym of kind

adjective [ ey-mee-uh-buhl ]

amiable is another word for kind

The adjective kind implies a deep-seated benevolence and sympathetic nature. Amiable emphasizes congeniality. Someone who is amiable is friendly, agreeable, and pleasant to be around. Amiable also connotes affability, or an easy manner that invites approach and conversation (someone who is affable is easy to talk to). Amiable is close in spelling and meaning to another well-intended adjective, amicable. But context is key: amicable usually describes friendliness or goodwill where there could otherwise be hostility.

Commonly found as

amiable personality, amiable disposition
The neighbor had such an amiable personality that we couldn't help but like her.
easygoing and amiable
The scientist was much more easygoing and amiable than we expected, given the seriousness and intensity of her work.

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Synonym of the day

Sunday, August 16, 2020


assert is a synonym of say

verb [ uh-surt ]

assert is another word for say

To say something is to express it verbally. To assert something is to state it with assurance, confidence, or force. Compared to say, which often indicates simply the act of speech, assert describes an insistent and sometimes even aggressive manner of expressing oneself; one who asserts something aims to persuade others to agree with or accept their position.

Commonly found as

confidently assert
The student confidently asserts that if he'd had more time to complete his report, he would have won the top grade in class.
assert that
Critics assert that the bill does not go far enough and will not help those most in need.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar
Synonym of the Day Calendar