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Friday, August 14, 2020


minuscule is a synonym of small

adjective [ min-uh-skyool, mi-nuhs-kyool ]

minuscule is another word for small

To call something minuscule is to emphasize how tiny or unimportant that thing is. While small effectively lets a reader know that an item is of limited size, minuscule adds greater specificity. Now about the spelling: it would be perfectly logical to presume that the u in minuscule is an interloper, and that the term should be spelled miniscule from mini- “of a small size.” The fact is, minuscule comes from the Latin word minus meaning “less,” so minuscule is the standard spelling. Even so, miniscule occurs with such frequency that some consider it a variant spelling.

Commonly found as

minuscule compared to
The budget they were working with was minuscule compared to the astronomical budget of their main competitor.
minuscule amount
They expected a deluge of donations, but only a minuscule amount trickled in.

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Thursday, August 13, 2020


precipitate is a synonym of cause

verb [ verb pri-sip-i-teyt ]

precipitate is another word for cause

To cause something is to bring it about. To precipitate something is to accelerate its occurrence, or to bring it about prematurely, hastily, or suddenly. As you might expect, this verb is usually used to talk about undesirable or even perilous outcomes: crises, collapses, disasters, and downfalls are all things that are precipitated. On occasion, you’ll hear it used to discuss swift change that is favorable, but more often than not precipitate connotes a steep downward trajectory.

Commonly found as

precipitate a crisis
If two countries are at odds, then even a minor indiscretion could precipitate a crisis.
precipitated by
The financial collapse was precipitated by unsustainable lending practices.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020


moreover is a synonym of furthermore

adverb [ mawr-oh-ver, mohr-, mawr-oh-ver, mohr- ]

moreover is another word for furthermore

The terms furthermore and moreover are both transition words, meaning they help connect one idea to another. What's more, they both indicate something additional to what has already been stated. Moreover adds emphasis to the idea that came before it, usually introducing something particular or important (not an afterthought). But neither of these terms is commonly used in speech where shorter, less formal options do the trick.

Commonly found as

The census helps ensure the government has an accurate picture of the population. Moreover, it impacts funding for public services.
; moreover,
I did not like the house; moreover, it was too high-priced.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar