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Sunday, October 31, 2021


macabre is a synonym of gruesome

adjective [ muh-kah-bruh, -kahb, -kah-ber ]

macabre is another word for gruesome

Both words refer to something horrifying and repellent—especially acts and images of violence and death, with no gore spared. Gruesome comes from a Germanic word for “shudder.” It suggests something graphic that evokes a visceral response. Macabre is a strong synonym for gruesome: a gruesome murder could also be described as macabre murder. However, macabre tends to describe things less tangible than gore, like an atmosphere, a mood, or an artistic or literary representation of something horrible. We can compare these typical uses: gruesome photos and gruesome video; macabre tale and macabre movie. Macabre is frequently paired with dark, bizarre, strange, and grotesque.

Commonly found as

macabre scene
What kind of wax museum has macabre scenes like this? They even depicted the Romanov family minutes after they were all assassinated!
bizarre + macabre
It’s the bizarre and macabre captions that make this cartoonist’s work so memorable.

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Saturday, October 30, 2021


subterfuge is a synonym of deception

noun [ suhb-ter-fyooj ]

subterfuge is another word for deception

Both words refer to the act of misleading, tricking, or deceiving someone, usually for one’s own advantage or gain. Deception is the broader term, covering all ways of misleading people, from false appearances to lies: deception in advertising. Subterfuge is a category of deception that involves the use of cunning tricks or stratagems in order to get away with something. Subterfuge emphasizes the tricks themselves, particularly tricks that (like a smoke screen) hide or disguise what is actually going on: Going out would require subterfuge, so I set my music player to start one hour after I’d slipped out through my bedroom window. Politics, not espionage, is by far the most frequent context for subterfuge.

Commonly found as

use subterfuge
The Allied Forces used subterfuge on a vast scale, including the creation of fake armies, to hide their plans to invade Normandy from the Germans.
political subterfuge
The senator telling the president that he had the votes was mere political subterfuge.

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Friday, October 29, 2021


paroxysm is a synonym of fit

noun [ par-uhk-siz-uhm, puh-rok‐ ]

paroxysm is another word for fit

Both words can refer to a sudden spell of heightened emotion or activity, which for both words is an extension of a medical definition for a sudden attack or intensification of a disease. Paroxysm conveys a violent, serious spell of emotion or activity more consistently than fit, but both words are used of strong emotions: a fit of rage; paroxysms of anger, rage, laughter, grief. Fit can also be applied (without facetiousness) to the onset of less acute, intense states: a fit of inactivity; a fit of nostalgia. When eruptions of emotion and activity are attributed to whole populations or geopolitical entities, paroxysm is much more likely to be used: global paroxysms; a paroxysm of nationalism.

Commonly found as

paroxysm of violence
The paroxysms of violence breaking out in towns and cities across the nation would eventually become full-on civil war.
erupt in a paroxysm of
Halfway through a very serious play, my spouse erupted in a paroxysm of laughter and had to leave the theater.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar