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Monday, October 25, 2021

synonym for drive


verb [ im-pel ]

impel is another word for drive

Both verbs refer to the action of internal forces that push or urge people to do something. Drive suggests the powerful effect of these forces, typically passion, need, fear, or desire, on a person’s actions or choices, where the action becomes almost involuntary: driven by a desire for conquest. Impel comes from the Latin word that means “to strike against; to set in motion,” and can mean literally “to push forward” as wind impels a ship. More frequently, impel is used figuratively, and suggests an urging forward towards action by something less compulsory than drive suggests and more of an internal motive or incentive.

Commonly found as

desire + impel
A desire for some intellectual stimulation impelled me to pick up this philosophy book.
impelled to act
It’s simplistic to assert that human beings are impelled to act by pleasure or pain alone.

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Sunday, October 24, 2021

synonym for immature


adjective [ pyoo-er-il, -uh-rahyl, pyoor-il, -ahyl ]

puerile is another word for immature

Both words describe conduct that is more befitting of someone who is young. Immature suggests an unfortunate, but often rectifiable, lack of emotional development that often issues in selfishirresponsible, and unprofessional behavior. Puerile is a more contemptuous term for childish behavior, which may or may not be connected to its origin in a Latin word meaning “boyish.” Puerile is associated with silly, empty, and shallow ideas and actions (puerile drivel; puerile name-calling), and is intensified with adverbs like “maddeningly” and “embarrassingly.” Puerile is frequently used to describe politics, arguments, and humor, particularly when it has to do with bodily functions: tell puerile, scatalogical jokes.

Commonly found as

maddeningly puerile
Two of the parents hijacked our PTA meeting when they started engaging in some maddeningly puerile behavior, including snickering at the principal's new haircut.
puerile comedy
I wish I’d read the review that said the movie was “filled with puerile comedy and gross-out gags” before we paid all that money to see it.

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Saturday, October 23, 2021

synonym for oddity


noun [ uh-nom-uh-lee ]

anomaly is another word for oddity

Both words refer to a person or thing that is so different from the norm that they appear strange or are difficult to explain. Oddity suggests something or someone remarkably unusual, often peculiar in appearance, and having some entertainment value: museum of medical oddities. An anomaly is an abnormality that is recognized more by its departure from norms governing everything else of its kind rather than being itself strange: Chef Bob was an anomaly in a family boasting generations of doctors. Anomaly is often a more technical term in fields intent on detecting, discovering, correcting, or explaining anomalies that occur in data, statistics, or genetics.

Commonly found as

genetic anomaly
A number of serious disorders, such as sickle cell anemia and Huntington’s disease are caused by genetic anomalies.
anomaly + explain
A ship sailing around the world at a time when the earth was believed to be flat would have been an anomaly that was hard to explain.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar