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Sunday, July 04, 2021


autonomous is a synonym of independent

adjective [ aw-ton-uh-muhs ]

autonomous is another word for independent

On this day in 1776, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, which announced the colonies as "Free and Independent States." Independent, in this historical context, means "not subject to another's authority or jurisdiction." But the adjective has many applications that do not deal with matters of government or political rule: an independent thinker, for instance, is someone who is not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion. The synonym autonomous is commonly used to describe self-governance, especially in the context of regions that have power over their own affairs, as certain parts of China. Though you may encounter this freewheeling descriptor used of vehicles that are able to operate with little or no human control or intervention.

Commonly found as

autonomous region
She had lived in ten of the seventeen autonomous regions in Spain, experiencing the distinctive culture and traditions of each one.
fully autonomous
A professor at the University of Virginia developed a fully autonomous underwater vehicle called a robotic ray, which swims with a flying motion mimicking the method of propulsion of a manta or sting ray.

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Saturday, July 03, 2021


perilous is a synonym of risky

adjective [ per-uh-luhs ]

perilous is another word for risky

We say something is risky when it involves the chance of loss or injury (a risky chess move, a risky investment). Perilous suggests a much higher degree of danger. Something is perilous if it is full of grave risk or imminent danger or destruction (a perilous ocean voyage in a small boat). Generally, risky applies to actions: a person’s risky activities or behavior expose them to hazards. Perilous usually applies to positions or situations someone is in, rather than particular actions they take, and perilous situations are often extended undertakings one has to get through—a perilous journey, perilous mission, or the perilous fight survived by the Star-Spangled Banner during the Battle of Baltimore.  That said, life doesn’t have to be at stake for something to be perilous. Perilousness can be political, economic, spiritual, or emotional in nature.

Commonly found as

perilous journey
Many migrants attempt the perilous journey across rugged desert terrain in blistering heat.
perilous situation
At the end of every episode, the hero lands himself in a perilous situation, seemingly without any hope of escape, so, of course, viewers feel compelled to watch the next episode, and the next, and the next.

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Friday, July 02, 2021


contort is a synonym of twist

verb [ kuhn-tawrt ]

contort is another word for twist

To twist is to turn, wind, coil, or bend into a spiral shape: She twisted her hair into a bun; he twisted around in his chair to see who was behind him. To contort is to bend or twist into an unnatural, distorted, or grotesque position or shape: He had to contort his hands to play certain chords. Contort is most commonly used of the body, and particularly the face (a face hideously contorted by rage). It suggests an involuntary action caused by force, pain, or overpowering emotion (Pain contorted his features; her limbs had been horribly contorted in order to fit her body into the small space). Contort is also used figuratively, as when a person contorts or uncomfortably rearranges herself to fit into a social role or group.

Commonly found as

grotesquely contorted
The tree's limbs had been grotesquely contorted by their attempt to reach sunlight.
contorted by rage
With their faces contorted by rage, the mob rushed the royal carriage and, to our horror, extracted the king by smashing a window and yanking his frail body through the jagged opening.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar