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Synonym of the day

Tuesday, June 29, 2021


lethargic is a synonym of lazy

adjective [ luh-thahr-jik ]

lethargic is another word for lazy

The adjective lazy is commonly used to describe people who dislike and try to avoid work or other exertion. Used in this way, lazy often suggests a weakness of character. Someone who is lethargic, on the other hand, may do as little or move as slowly as a lazybones, but they are afflicted by a lack of energy, alertness, and interest, which has a cause other than an aversion to work: perhaps illness, overeating, or exhaustion. One might feel lethargic after Thanksgiving dinner; a demoralized team might give an unusually lethargic performance. Lethargic is also commonly used to characterize the actions of more abstract entities or systems, as a lethargic economy or the government’s lethargic response to a crisis. Lethargic in such cases can mean slow to act, grow, or respond to stimuli.

Commonly found as

feel lethargic
The junk food they served at the conference left her feeling tired and lethargic during the keynote presentation.
lethargic response
Residents were frustrated by the city's lethargic response to the sharp rise in porch piracy.

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Monday, June 28, 2021


saunter is a synonym of walk

verb [ sawn-ter, sahn- ]

saunter is another word for walk

To walk is to advance or travel on foot. This verb is incredibly useful, but if you’re looking to convey that someone is walking at a leisurely pace with no particular aim, the verb saunter is the more effective choice. Saunter suggests an easy, unhurried manner of travel similar to the synonyms amble and stroll—though saunter is sometimes used to paint a picture of someone who makes a show of their nonchalance, especially in circumstances that might call for alacrity or promptness: Just as the potential homebuyers were getting ready to leave the open house, a real-estate agent sauntered over and offered them lemonade. 

Commonly found as

saunter into
After knocking down a vase in the kitchen, Clementine, the calico cat, sauntered into the living room and announced her readiness for dinner.
casually + saunter
The coach lost his cool when two players casually sauntered into practice 20 minutes late.

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Synonym of the day

Sunday, June 27, 2021


acclimate is a synonym of adapt

verb [ ak-luh-meyt, uh-klahy-mit ]

acclimate is another word for adapt

The only constant in life is change, so it’s wise to familiarize yourself with today’s terms: the verb adapt means “to adjust oneself to different conditions, environment, etc.” If you adapt easily to all circumstances, it means you are flexible and can modify your plans or expectations without difficulty. The verb acclimate means “to accustom or become accustomed to a new climate or environment.” When we acclimate to something (such as thin air at high elevations), we get used to it over time. The adjustment implied by this term is often a physiological one (your body will acclimate to the heat), though it’s also used to talk about the imperceptible ways in which one adjusts to a new lifestyle or culture.

Commonly found as

acclimate oneself
The astronauts had to acclimate themselves to the feeling of weightlessness during their training before they could be sent to the space station.
acclimate + new
The puppy took some time to acclimate to her new surroundings, but when she did, she was a bundle of energy!

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Synonym of the Day Calendar