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Synonym of the day

Sunday, October 18, 2020


arcane is a synonym of obscure

adjective [ ahr-keyn ]

arcane is another word for obscure

Obscure is used to describe things not widely known or understood, such as an obscure literary reference (a reference that does not land well because nobody gets it). Arcane is used to describe things that are known by very few, perhaps intentionally, such as secret or guarded knowledge. You might hear arcane used to describe knowledge of the metaphysical or occult, or to describe rules or information that is so highly technical, most people don’t bother to learn it.

Commonly found as

arcane rule
During game night, the longtime players were taken aback when the newcomer cited an arcane rule that sealed his victory.
seem + arcane
Although the science behind the project seemed a bit arcane, the manual explained it in detail.

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Synonym of the day

Saturday, October 17, 2020


clout is a synonym of influence

noun [ klout ]

clout is another word for influence

If you have clout, you have strong influence or sway over something. This noun has a long history of being used to describe political influence—and indeed, clout is still most frequently found in discussion of people or entities that are able to drive outcomes in governmental matters. But clout is also used to discuss economic power. You may even find clout used to refer to the influence of a person on social media with oodles of attentive followers.

Commonly found as

clout in
Over the last decade, the former superpower had lost clout in the region.
political clout
The high turnout rate of voters over 65 in the district gives them considerable political clout.

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Friday, October 16, 2020


connotation is a synonym of meaning

noun [ kon-uh-tey-shuhn ]

connotation is another word for meaning

When it comes to meanings of words, there’s denotation, which is a word’s explicit or direct meaning, and there’s connotation, a word’s associated or implicit meaning. For example, the word frugal on its surface means (denotes) efficient money management (nothing wrong with that!). The connotation of this word, however, might be stinginess or even avariciousness. As any synonym seeker knows, the connotation of a word varies greatly depending on context!

Commonly found as

negative connotation
In considering names for their baby, the couple ruled out a few terms that in recent years had picked up negative connotations.
carry + connotation
The reporter deleted the word hysterical from her description of the day's events because it carried gendered connotations.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar
Synonym of the Day Calendar