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Thursday, January 07, 2021


analogy is a synonym of similarity

noun [ uh-nal-uh-jee ]

analogy is another word for similarity

An analogy is a similarity between like features of two things, on which comparison may be based. For instance, you might see an analogy, or similarity, between the heart and a pump. The word analogy also refers to a comparison based on such similarities—a favored tool of writers and poets since time immemorial. Consider the following passage from the novel The Conspirators by Alexandre Dumas: “her beauty, her grace, her elegance, even her talents were but an accident—an error of nature—something like a rose flowering on a cabbage stock.” The part about being a rose on a cabbage stock is in itself an analogy insofar as it is a comparison. But that sense of analogy is not quite synonymous with similarity (bear with us!). The similarity in this passage is that of being accidental or out of place, referring to the woman and the rose.

Commonly found as

analogy between
The doctor noted that there was an analogy between forecasting the weather and modeling a disease.
see + analogy
She saw an analogy between trees shedding their leaves in autumn and people letting go of old ideas in order to make room for new ones.

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Wednesday, January 06, 2021


robust is a synonym of healthy

adjective [ roh-buhst, roh-buhst ]

robust is another word for healthy

The adjective healthy gets a lot of use this time of year as so many of us resolve to eat healthy foods and embrace a healthy lifestyle in the new year. Robust is a synonym for healthy, but it is not used to describe food or behaviors that are conducive to good health. Robust emphasizes strength and vigor and is used to describe people that are in particularly fine fettle. It’s also used to describe markets or economies that are thriving or are especially resilient, and discussions or debates that are especially productive or spirited and engaging. You may even hear of a robust password or a robust method, each being strong and effective in all of most situations.

Commonly found as

robust system
The security firm had established a robust system for testing and verifying people’s identities before they could log on to their accounts.
robust enough
The scientist's findings were not robust enough to withstand scrutiny, so she decided against publishing at that time.

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Tuesday, January 05, 2021


antithetical is a synonym of opposite

adjective [ an-tuh-thet-i-kuhl ]

antithetical is another word for opposite

The adjective opposite is used to describe things that are opposed or are radically different from each other. Antithetical describes things that are diametrically opposed. The latter is a more pointed and precise adjective, and it is commonly used to highlight essential incompatibilities between ideas, behaviors, or values. For instance, if words or deeds are or are perceived as antithetical to democratic principles, then they go (or are perceived to go) against those principles starkly and irreconcilably.

Commonly found as

antithetical to
The new mayor’s proposals were antithetical to the values she had espoused on the campaign trail.
seem antithetical
The song, which celebrated conspicuous consumption and excess, seemed antithetical to the spirit of the holiday season.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar