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Sunday, January 03, 2021


savory is a synonym of tasty

adjective [ sey-vuh-ree ]

savory is another word for tasty

There’s nothing like a tasty treat! When that treat is tasty not because it is sweet, but because it has a rich flavor such as that associated with meat or roasted vegetables, it may be called savory. Savory means “pleasant or agreeable in taste or smell,” but has come to represent a particular taste profile in the culinary world. Of the five basic taste sensations, savory best aligns with umami, a word adopted from Japanese in the early 1960’s that describes a meaty or mushroom-like flavor featured in Asian cuisine. Savory can also refer to a pleasing or attractive person or thing, like a savory architecture book full of vivid photographs. Its antonym, unsavory, gives off a malodor, describing someone or something that is not wholesome, as in, “Her job as an undercover investigator involved interacting with some unsavory characters.”

Commonly found as

savory dish
The chef prepared three wonderfully savory dishes, including a mushroom soup that was divine.
savory + sweet
When ordering crêpes, she never could decide if she wanted savory or sweet ones!

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Saturday, January 02, 2021


buoyant is a synonym of cheerful

adjective [ boi-uhnt, boo-yuhnt ]

buoyant is another word for cheerful

A cheerful person is just that, full of cheer! Another word for being in good spirits and floating above life’s worries is buoyant. While buoyant describes the physical properties that allow an object to stay afloat, it also means “not easily depressed” or “cheerful.Buoyant also can describe a resilient economy or the stock market when it is on a high trajectory. In general, something buoyant tends to rise, or has a lightness of spirit that keeps it bouncing along, you know, like a buoy.

Commonly found as

buoyant mood
He was in such a buoyant mood after his daughter was born, he practically skipped from room to room.
remain buoyant
With people wishing to move out of the cities, the suburban housing market remains buoyant despite a slowing economy.

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Synonym of the day

Friday, January 01, 2021


embrace is a synonym of welcome

verb [ em-breys ]

embrace is another word for welcome

Welcome to 2021, synonym seekers! To welcome someone is to greet their arrival with pleasure. To go a step further, we’d also like to embrace the new year (and our loved ones, but at a safe distance!). To embrace is not only to hug, but also to receive someone or something gladly or eagerly. It can also mean to accept or avail oneself of something, as in: “The new year is a time we can embrace new practices, like yoga or eating more green vegetables.” At a time when the future seems so uncertain, in 2021, let's resolve to embrace the present, or, as they say in Latin, carpe diem!

Commonly found as

embrace technology
Medical practitioners are embracing technology like telemedicine visits that increase healthcare access for their patients in rural areas.
fully embrace
The children have fully embraced their grandparents’ rich heritage of story-telling, carrying it on themselves each weekend night.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar
Synonym of the Day Calendar