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Sunday, December 27, 2020


squander is a synonym of waste

verb [ skwon-der ]

squander is another word for waste

It’s been said that a mind is a terrible thing to waste! To waste something can be to fail to use it, or to consume, spend, or employ it uselessly or without adequate return. Waste may be used with physical objects or with something more abstract, such as time, effort, or even one’s mind. When seeking a verb that captures an intentionally reckless use of one’s resources (including monetary), squander may be more apt. Squander means to spend or use (money, time, etc.) wastefully or extravagantly, and suggests willfully foolish expenditure, as in, “Instead of honoring his parents’ legacy, he squandered their money on parties and fancy cars.”

Commonly found as

squander away
Even though she had time off, she squandered it away scanning social media and watching silly cat videos.
squander opportunity
The team squandered several opportunities to score, but luckily their defense stepped up and saved the game.

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Saturday, December 26, 2020


reciprocal is a synonym of mutual

adjective [ ri-sip-ruh-kuhl ]

reciprocal is another word for mutual

Something mutual is held in common or experienced between two parties, as in mutual friends. Similarly, reciprocal indicates a balanced relationship between two or more people, in which an act, thing, or feeling is given in return for another. Unlike mutual, reciprocal also carries the meaning of “matching or equivalent.” So a reciprocal promise may be made to ensure that both parties will maintain confidentiality about a matter. Often used in math, navigation, and grammar, reciprocal has a more technical implication of being one-for-one or the exact opposite or inverse of something, whereas mutual features in the world of finance or insurance when assets are shared (e.g., mutual funds). 

Commonly found as

reciprocal relationship
Mentors and mentees must build a strong and respectful reciprocal relationship for success.
reciprocal + between
The leaders developed reciprocal agreements between their two neighboring countries to ensure safe and unrestricted travel for all their people.

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Friday, December 25, 2020


mirthful is a synonym of jolly

adjective [ murth-fuhl ]

mirthful is another word for jolly

Someone who is jolly is lively or merry. The figure most associated with the adjective jolly may be Jolly Old Saint Nick, or Santa Claus, often depicted belly-laughing with a merry twinkle in his eye. Mirthful, on the other hand, evokes mischievousness rather than the hearty “ho, ho, ho” of jolly. Mirthful, while less common than jolly, may be used to describe one’s mood, smile, or laughter itself, all containing a hint of being entertained by some secret silliness.

Commonly found as

mirthful laughter
Before entering the boisterous party, they could hear mirthful laughter emanating from the main hallway.
mirthful mood
Thinking of the surprise he had planned for his brother, the usually somber man was in a more mirthful mood lately.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar