1. Accent Marks: Do We Really Need Them?

    Fancy? Fundamental? Or just plain frustrating to deal with? Accent marks draw a mixed reaction from people.  So, do we really need them? Let’s take a look.  What is an accent mark, anyway? Accent marks are diacritic marks, which are added to a letter or character to set them apart from others and “give it a particular phonetic value, to indicate stress, etc.” That makes sense, …

  2. Is It “St. Patricks Day” Or “St. Patrick’s Day”?

    Celebrated every March 17 (or sometimes the weekend before, the weekend after, or … actually, throughout the entire month of March), St. Patrick’s Day is the day people around the world celebrate St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Although the celebrations we see today—which often include parades, pub crawls, and corn beef and cabbage—have little to do with the original feasts that took place …

  3. Understanding When To Use Commas With Conjunctions

    Commas don’t have to be confusing. After all, you know what a comma is: the punctuation used to mark a division in a sentence, like the separation of words, phrases, a clause, or a sequence. And commas often accompany a conjunction, which is a word that connects phrases, clauses, or sentences (e.g., and, because, but, and however) or any other words or expressions that provide a …

  4. The Top 10 Grammar Tips And Tricks To Remember

    Read on to see what we consider the top 10 grammar rules to remember. Maybe you'll like grammar a little more afterwards.

  5. Capitalization Is Complicated: Can You Answer These Questions Correctly?

    With so many rules, capitalization is perfect for a game show. Will you learn something new or take the prize?
  6. The Top Grammar Pet Peeves That Bother Us Most

    Let’s talk about some grammar pet peeves. We all have them. What are yours?
  7. Grammar Gameshow: Is It “Who” Or “Whom”?

    Wow, we can't believe we're here ... here being Round 4 of these never-ending but very gratifying Grammar Gameshow. Are you ready?
  8. Understanding Regular vs. Irregular Verbs

    What's the difference between regular and irregular verbs? And why do regular verbs sometimes become "irregular" over time?
  9. Test Your Grammar Skills With Our Grammar Gameshow: Episode 3

    We're back ... and it's Round 3 of our Gigantic Grammar Gameshow. We know you missed us. Today, we'll quiz these contestants about grammar. Because grammar questions are endless, folks.
  10. How To Determine Subject vs. Predicate In A Sentence

    We all write every single day, whether it’s a text message, report, or email. And that means we all compose sentences that are crafted from different parts. Yup, there are different parts of sentences. And guess what? Learning what the different parts of a sentence are called can show a mastery of language. Subject vs. predicate By elementary school, kids begin learning about the different …