When To Use “Opinion On,” “Opinion About,” Or “Opinion Of”

We can’t ignore opinions. They’re all around us, whether we’re scanning a Twitter feed, watching the news, or talking to friends. While we may wish we could leave some behind (like the ones that start arguments over the Thanksgiving table), they’re an inevitable fact of life. And this makes the language we use regarding our opinions and others’ so important.

When you’re debating a topic, do you share your opinion of or opinion about the latest riveting subject? Do you ask someone for their opinion on the matter? Which of these phrases is correct?

Is there a difference between on, about, and of?

The words on, of, and about are prepositions. These types of words give additional information in a sentence, such as where something is, where it is going, or when it occurred. On, of, and about each have many meanings and uses, but when they follow the word opinion, they all serve to clarify what the subject of the opinion is. So in this sense they are similar. Read on to find out the subtle differences on how they are used.

When to use opinion on

For the most part, opinion on and opinion about can be interchangedYour opinion on something describes your ideas or beliefs regarding a particular matter or topic. For example, “What’s your opinion on the new tax law?” Usually you’d use this phrase to ask for someone’s opinion on a broad topic that allows for many different opinions to be discussed. This phrasing can open up debates.

Both opinion on and opinion about are similar because they refer to the qualities of a topic. The preposition on emphasizes the topic of the opinion a bit more than the opinion itself. For example, “Chris has a strong opinion on taxes.” He doesn’t just have a strong opinion, he has a strong opinion on taxes.

Examples of opinion on in a sentence

  • The senator refused to give his opinion on the President’s statement.
  • First, the principal asked the parents their opinion on the new uniforms.
  • Hector wouldn’t tell anyone his opinion on the movie, but I think he hated it.

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When to use opinion about

Like opinion on, the phrase opinion about can be used to describe your ideas or beliefs regarding a particular matter or topic. For example, “I have a strong opinion about this proposal.” The phrase opinion about is often used to express when someone doesn’t have an opinion, as in “I don’t have an opinion about this.”

Examples of opinion about in a sentence

  • After you visit the new school, you can tell us your opinion about it.
  • What is her opinion about how rigorous this hike may be?
  • Whatever your opinion about Camilla as a person may be, you have to admit she’s a wonderful gardener.

When to use opinion of

The phrase opinion of is often used differentlyYour opinion of something is your estimation of its quality or worth. This phrase indicates how much esteem someone holds for a topic.

When using opinion of, you may see an adjective before opinion. For example, “Our community has a good opinion of the city council.” The phrase opinion of indicates how the subject (our community) feels toward the object (the city council).

 Examples of opinion of in a sentence

  • I have a low opinion of that book.
  • What is your opinion of me?
  • What is Lauren’s opinion of her sister’s new boyfriend?

When you want to know what others are thinking, these three phrases will help you ask the right questions. (Just be sure to choose your conversation topics wisely the next time the whole family is gathered around the Thanksgiving table!)

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