Thesaurus / yapping
Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


Then I laughed as I heard their yapping, and grumbling, and questioning what had become of me.

Sir LudarTalbot Baines Reed

Two tram-car conductors conversed forty feet away from each other, with dozens of yapping Chinese between.

The Pacific TriangleSydney Greenbie

A yapping bark was answered by a sound he could not describe, a noise which was neither cough nor grunt but a combination of both.

The Defiant AgentsAndre Alice Norton

The yapping of the dogs brought out a plump child, who stood agape, and next came a white-haired old man of middle height.

The Magic SkinHonore de Balzac

As soon as they saw Sandy they set up a chorus of howls and yapping barks and once more tried to scale the rocks.

Nell smiled at the yapping little animal that shouted pigmy challenge twenty feet distant.

The Long Dim TrailForrestine C. Hooker

One of the coyotes gave tongue for the second time, the eerie wailing rising to a yapping which echoed from the rocks about them.

The Defiant AgentsAndre Alice Norton

They were barking or yapping in fifty different keys, but all with the same earnestness.

Memories one by one returned to him—the Bobberie, the river, the yapping Coccadrilloes, the burning dart.

The Three Mulla-mulgarsWalter De La Mare

I hadn't gone a hundred yards when I heard a man's voice and the yapping of a dog come from where I had spoken to the flapper.

13 DaysJohn Alan Lyde Caunter


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