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Hartogsohn’s work is more philosophical than neurological, but the people wielding the fMRI machines could devise ways to investigate his ideas.

He proposed wielding a more severe tool — government-ordered shutdowns of schools, businesses and other public gathering places in nine Zip codes.

It requires participation by LGBTQ leaders in the redistricting process in the states, which draw boundaries that shape representation and how advocates might wield influence for the next decade.

As a result, Hmong American voters are an underappreciated political powerhouse who have long shaped elections in Minnesota and Wisconsin and could now wield influence on a national scale.

Orphaned and penniless, Rye and Gig are trudging along with thousands of other men — just a sliver of “the cold millions” — who are repeatedly lured into dangerous jobs, swindled out of their wages and then driven off by club-wielding thugs.

They now claim that Amanda actually wielded the knife and struck the deadly blow, increasing her sentence to 28-and-a-half years.

At its height in the 1920s, Terry noted, the Klan wielded real political influence, boasting a membership upwards of four million.

Yet such rankings vastly underestimate the power now being wielded by the San Francisco region.

They wielded baseball bats and knives, yelling “Jews, Jews, Jews” as they carried out the attacks.

Ah yes, the threat wielded against the deliberately childless since time immemorial: Conform or you will regret it!

Even the sword he wielded gave him little confidence opposed to Garnache with a chair.

But he was a man of marked executive ability, and when occasion demanded he wielded a facile and ready pen.

He wielded great political influence in Virginia, his native state.

There was an extra paddle, which Arthur wielded after a fashion, and it did not take long to come within sight of the narrows.

“Guess we must be getting good and black, Bob,” said the boy who wielded the stern paddle to the other in the bow.


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