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These houses were whitewashed, or painted white and red, and had double glass in winter, after the same measure.WHEN VALMOND CAME TO PONTIAC, COMPLETEGILBERT PARKER
The walls are merely whitewashed, or covered with some execrable pictures.TRAVELS THROUGH THE SOUTH OF FRANCE AND THE INTERIOR OF PROVINCES OF PROVENCE AND LANGUEDOC IN THE YEARS 1807 AND 1808LT-COL. PINKNEY
The walls of all the rooms was plastered, and most had carpets on the floors, and the whole house was whitewashed on the outside.ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN, COMPLETEMARK TWAIN (SAMUEL CLEMENS)
It was an irregular bowl of green, dotted with stone houses which were whitewashed to almost painful brilliancy.TIGER CATDAVID H. KELLER
Some of the fences had been whitewashed, some time or another, but the duke said it was in Clumbus's time, like enough.ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN, COMPLETEMARK TWAIN (SAMUEL CLEMENS)
If they were whitewashed, in even the commonest style, they would look better than at present.OUR CHURCHES AND CHAPELSATTICUS
The house was thatched and whitewashed, and English was written on it and on every foot of ground round it.IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO MENDCHARLES READE
The room big and low pitched with three windows; the walls whitewashed; no furniture.DREAM TALES AND PROSE POEMSIVAN TURGENEV
They passed the whitewashed houses, and village church with its sentinel cypress-trees.VILLA RUBEIN AND OTHER STORIESJOHN GALSWORTHY
But as she neared the whitewashed fence of the garden she saw that the place was deserted.PATCHWORKANNA BALMER MYERS


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