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On this page you'll find 25 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to Weltanschauung, such as: perspective, position, view, viewpoint, cosmology, and angle.

How to use Weltanschauung in a sentence

  • It forms an essential part of the philosophy of life, the Weltanschauung of every patriotic Prussian.

  • This view of Herder's was Goethe's starting-point in the formation of his Weltanschauung (or general view of things).

  • Surely the legitimate province of 'personalism' lies in the region of general ideas, or rather in the Weltanschauung as a whole.

    Outspoken Essays | William Ralph Inge
  • In Germany every one sports his Weltanschauung, his personal interpretation of life and its meanings.

    Ivory Apes and Peacocks | James Huneker
  • Only by applying the Marxian philosophy of history can we upset the bourgeois Weltanschauung.'

    Ghetto Comedies | Israel Zangwill

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