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In summertime, glass treatments that block certain wavelengths of light can stop heat seeping into the home.

The JWST is set to observe in longer wavelengths than Hubble and is much bigger.

Faraday cages work because radiation in radio frequencies is blocked by certain metals, but because of its wavelength, the metal doesn’t even have to be solid — it can be a solid cage or flexible mesh.

Because of the short wavelengths, 6 GHz should excel in allowing devices to communicate with one another at high speeds over short distances.

Invisible to our eyes, that radio light has wide wavelengths.

The image above was constructed with longer-wavelength light, using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA).

I was on too different a wavelength with French society on this point for someone with political responsibilities.

This little gun is the projector for a new ray which I have discovered—an etheric vibration of extremely short wavelength.

Lieutenant Kalanang's jeep was hit; Lieutenant Vermaas is cutting in his pickup on the same wavelength.

The voice repeated, several times, the wavelength, and somebody got an auxiliary screen tuned in.

And Al Webber has some equipment that can paralyze roboguards if we know their operational wavelength.

The news came; then, immediately after, the Washington transmitter changed its wavelength and he lost connection.


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