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Within an hour of Dick's departure, Mr. Carteret was walking through the old mission church, chatting with my brother Ajax.

Bunch GrassHorace Annesley Vachell

A couple of children were walking through the forest: a ten-year-old girl, named Nina, and her little brother Johannes.

It happened, once upon a time, that Brighteyes and Buddy Pigg were walking through the woods together, not far from their home.

There is a fascination in walking through these high-ceiled, brilliantly lighted stopes, and these low-ceiled, shadowy drifts.

AlaskaElla Higginson

Walking through a village, to test the story we asked a man if there were many snakes.

A Civil Servant in BurmaHerbert Thirkel White

His legs ached and his shoulders pained him, for walking through the snow is not easy work, as you who have tried it know.

The day was warm and fine as the previous one had been—when you saw Maria Godolphin walking through the hayfield.

He—that is always the Chevalier, you know—was walking through the rye-fields when the moon was up; the reapers had all gone home.

What strikes one most in riding or walking through a tropical forest of Central America is the mixed nature of the vegetation.

A Glimpse at GuatemalaAnne Cary Maudslay

Walking through the summer fields at twilight, I have come near stepping upon him, and was much the more disturbed of the two.

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