Thesaurus / vortices
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It is unnecessary to follow Descartes into the detail of the theory of vortices.

Tornadoes and mighty cyclones and vortices torned and cycled vorted.

We sail a dangerous sea of seething currents, cross and under-currents, vortices—all so dark, untried—and whither shall we turn?

The genii of Kepler had given place to the vortices of Descartes, and these in their turn to the central force of Newton.

We shall now show from the record, that the other vortices are as effective in deranging the equilibrium of our atmosphere.

They too were once vortices, swallowed up by some other, which at a later day fell a victim to the sweep of our sun.

He set his screws in motion, and kept them circling in the vortices thus created until a boat could be lowered.

Then he goes on to prove that the quantity of heat in a body is measured by the molecular revolutions of the vortices.

Aether and GravitationWilliam George Hooper

At Paris the universe is seen composed of vortices of subtile matter; but nothing like it is seen in London.

When the attempt is made to cut the vortices, they fly the blade or bend about it, and prove to be indivisible.


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