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“Everyone has a vested interest in getting the world back to normal as quickly as possible,” said Jon Gieselman, President of Expedia Brands.

From Digiday

So knowing all that, in some respects, there’s just this culture of fear that some people — it could be police unions or political interests — have a vested interest in promoting.

From Vox

Of course, they have a huge vested interest in getting it right but that ultimately is a very good thing for the digital ad industry and its constituents as Google won’t make moves in the way Apple has.

From Digiday

Put your point of view in because a lot of the people attending these meetings are big players with big vested interests.

Yet in light of their vested interests, and with an arsenal limited to vapid statements, this seems out of the question.

From Time

Surely, for anyone with a vested interest in science, reason, and the idea of secular politics, this is deeply depressing news.

“[Patients] have a vested interest in seeing the product developed,” he says.

But the key feature of a lobbyist is that he has a vested interest.

And the doctors come off as remarkably patient and understanding people who take a vested interest in their patients.

I am skeptical, as I have a vested interest, having dated a foreigner for many years.

A word must also be said about the opposition to reform of the vested interest of the classical and coercive schoolmaster.

The police who had purchased their promotion in this fashion naturally felt that they had a vested interest in their posts.

Perhaps,” said Bob, “upon general principles you may be right; but then remember that we have a vested interest in the line.

On one occasion that fellow Sims had driven over the only vested interest of a working man.

One would think Seaweed safe enough for a vested interest, surely.


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