[ vur-tuh-seez ]SEE DEFINITION OF vertices

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At the vertices of a regular tetrahedron may be found such points.

The ends of these diameters are the vertices of the required square.

Similarly the elevation of the other sides and vertices are found.

Mechanical means of describing hyperbolas, their foci and vertices being given.

At the vertices of this polygon the Pythagoreans placed the Greek letters signifying "health."

The practical problem may be given of locating the vertices of the triangle and of finding the length of each stay.

A cube may be inscribed in an octahedron, its vertices being at the centers of the faces of the octahedron.

But the circle embraces them altogether as the geometrical locus263 of the vertices of triangles satisfying the given conditions.

FHH′F′; and the relation of the principal points to the vertices is also the same as in the mensicus.

If a parabola roll on another parabola, their vertices coinciding, the focus of the first traces out the directrix of the second.