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A large quantity of wine found to be diluted with ditch water, and sold to our soldiers, was destroyed, and the vendors fined.

The same credulity which makes the fortunes of quack p. 808doctors, enriches the vendors of “Patent Medicines.”

At the foot of the Spanish Steps are the vendors of flowers.

Italian Days and WaysAnne Hollingsworth Wharton

Copper as an internal remedy is not in favour either with quacks or vendors of patent medicines.

The other commodities were addressed to the general public; but they were never offered by the vendors to Mr Dombey.

Dombey and SonCharles Dickens

It is sad that such cruel tricks of the vendors exist and cannot be prevented.

Early in the morning Roger could hear through his window the cries of the vendors of flowers and fruits.

His FamilyErnest Poole

For butter in Cambridge was retailed by the inch; a custom which still lingers on sporadically amongst our vendors.

The Financier supposes that the 1-100 part of a dollar is not sufficiently small, where the poor are purchasers or vendors.

The stalls were arranged in long rows, and named according to the goods sold thereon, or after the nationality of the vendors.

WinchesterSidney Heath


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