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noun as in person who sells wares

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Example Sentences

Still, when I saw the menu of latkes the different vendors offered, I was a bit taken aback.

Most of the vendors were, like this woman, honorary Jews for the night, not that Jews have a monopoly on potato pancakes.

“The bigger issue is that vendors are not held accountable for writing insecure code,” says researcher Rios.

Meanwhile, civilians are seeing their income fall—between 20 and 50 percent—and vendors are watching sales drop by half.

Therefore, he started hiring vendors like a “papusa lady” and a pizza guy to come and cook up made-to-order snacks.

Like vendors of drugs, their aim is to catch popular credit and favour, and to seize every opportunity of enriching themselves.

Should we not call up the wretched women of our streets; the bribers and the vendors of privilege?

There were the Italian peripatetic vendors of weather-glasses, who had their headquarters at Norwich.

After all, Tono-Bungay is still a marketable commodity and in the hands of purchasers, who bought it from—among other vendors—me.

Considering their abilities the vendors of the Gospel are among the best paid men in the world to-day.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for vendor?

Vendor is a word for a person, company, or other entity that sells things. When it’s an individual person selling things from a stall in a street market, the term street vendor is often used. More old-fashioned words for a person who sells things on the street include peddler and hawker.

Perhaps the closest synonym for vender is seller. It gets at exactly what a vendor does—sells things—and it can be used for both individuals and companies.

Similar words include merchant and retailer. More specific words include dealer and supplier, which both are most often used in the context of businesses that sell to other businesses. (They’re sometimes also used in illegal contexts.)

What is a third party vendor?

The term third party vendor refers to a business that is authorized to provide goods or services to customers on the behalf of the main business. The term third party is used because the additional business is tangential to the transactional relationship between the primary business and the customer.

Another word for third party vender is third party seller. For example, the retailer Amazon features many third party sellers, some of which you can also buy from directly without using Amazon’s fulfillment services.

How do you use vendor in a sentence?

The word vendor is a common word in the context of commerce involving all kinds of businesses.

Here are some examples of vendors in a sentence:

  • The fair had hundreds of food vendors offering all kinds of delicious fried foods —it was heaven.
  • Vendors across the region have been seeing their sales increase by large margins.
  • We reached out to our vendors to inquire about the shipping delays.

On this page you'll find 11 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to vendors, such as: merchant, peddler, hawker, dealer, traveler, and businessperson.

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