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Kanukollu, 26, said that unlike other vertical farming models, which only grow lettuce and basil, UrbanKisaan has devised technology to grow over 50 varieties of vegetables.

So even as the average flow of the Colorado River — the water supply for 40 million Western Americans and the backbone of the nation’s vegetable and cattle farming — has declined for most of the last 33 years, the population of Nevada has doubled.

Climate Change Will Force a New American Migrationby Abrahm Lustgarten, photography by Meridith KohutSeptember 15, 2020ProPublica

It was rejecting the microwave dinners and canned vegetables of your foreparents, making double stock from leftover roast chickens instead of buying broth in a carton, and eschewing pre-cut fruit and instant rice.

The Redemption of the Spice BlendJaya SaxenaSeptember 10, 2020Eater

You drive to the allotment and attend to your flowers and vegetables.

The first murderKatie McLeanAugust 19, 2020MIT Technology Review

An 850-watt motor powers through hard veggies like carrots, while the two-speed control knob slows things down for softer fruits and vegetables.

Our gut bacteria make such SCFAs from the fiber found in nuts, grains and many vegetables.

So that can happen, for example, for some fruits and vegetables.

In the dark country I had expected to find little if any vegetable growth.

It is a strong agent in the decomposition of vegetable matter, and is thus of much importance in preparing manures.

It has been aptly termed the "princess of the vegetable world."

Equatorial AmericaMaturin M. Ballou


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