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He vowed to “put the fear of God in the cowards, the traitors, the RINOs, the communists of the Democrat Party.”

Napoleon was forcing Snowball the traitor pig to pay the ultimate price for sabotaging the windmill.

If we gotta come back here and start a revolution and take all these traitors out — which is what should happen — then we will.

Make him an example to all traitors who may think of pulling crap like this ever again.

In China, Zhang has been attacked online as a traitor for even contemplating the possibility of “selling out” to foreigners.

From Fortune

I asked if it was hard carrying a name like his in a land that had condemned his father as the worst kind of traitor.

A message smuggled from his jail described his son as a traitor and disowned him.

Yet today apparently that qualifies as right-wing boilerplate that would qualify Hurston as a race traitor.

To many Poles, this marked him forever as a traitor who served only his Soviet masters.

The whites would have called me a traitor, the blacks might have accused me of stealing their knowledge.

This action aroused Governor Berkeley who immediately considered Bacon a traitor, and a civil war or rebellion resulted.

But the distrust which the old traitor and apostate inspired was not to be overcome.

The price set upon the head of that “notour traitor, Mr John Welsh,” dead or alive, was 9000 merks.

Then it came across me that maybe this was one of those who fell on Owen, for one might well look for a traitor among so many.

Then the king gat his spear in both his hands, and ran toward Sir Mordred crying, Traitor, now is thy death day come.


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