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This ticketing is a curious and characteristic feature of the trade.

We know how deeply the Anglo-Saxon mind resents any social "ticketing."

And all this for want of making up his knowledge into proper bundles and ticketing them.

He was ticketing and folding samples of petticoats, pajamas, blouses, and night-gowns.

Our comprehension of it is not helped by ticketing it "decadent" or "unhealthy," for those are empty adjectives of prejudice.

My best record was ticketing about six thousand seven hundred in one day.

George Robinson soon perceived this, and suggested that the ticketing should be abandoned.

The ticketing of goods at prices below their value is not to our taste, but the purchasing of such goods is less so.

But he was not of the metal to accept tamely such a ticketing from the hat of destiny (via the Clerk of the House).

It was not until weeks later that her mind sifted these conflicting ideas, placing and ticketing each in its proper relation.


1520s, "short note or document," from a shortened form of Middle French etiquet "label, note," from Old French estiquette "a little note" (late 14c.), especially one affixed to a gate or wall as a public notice, from estiquer "to affix, stick on, attach," from Frankish *stikkan, cognate with Old English stician "to pierce" (see stick (v.)).

Meaning "card or piece of paper that gives its holder a right or privilege" is first recorded 1670s, probably developing from the sense of "certificate, license, permit." The political sense of "list of candidates put forward by a faction" has been used in American English since 1711. Meaning "official notification of offense" is from 1930; parking ticket first attested 1947. Big ticket item is from 1970. Slang the ticket "just the thing, what is expected" is recorded from 1838, perhaps with notion of a winning lottery ticket.



nounmaking a mark upon


nounmaking a mark upon
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