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noun as in theatricalism

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Even if movies wind up making most of their revenue when they get to on-demand and streaming platforms, their enduring value is still created and unleashed during theatrical runs.

Even as its moves its 2021 titles to HBO Max, it is currently shooting a new take on “The Batman,” an expensive movie with star Robert Pattinson, the expense of which can only be recouped with a major theatrical release.

Google fires a leading researcher, Stripe launches a new banking service and WarnerMedia shakes up the theatrical business model.

Some of the talent involved in your movies can receive payouts based in part on theatrical revenues.

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The alternative is allowing studios to skip theatrical runs completely and put their new content exclusively online.

From Fortune

Before I understood the political elements, I loved it for the colorful, shameless theatricality.

I think the story feels so real to people that despite its theatricality and surrealism, they often dwell on the realism.

There is just a lot of creativity and theatricality in performers who happen to be gay.

What it did do, however, was remind everyone what fashion was before it became thick with theatricality and flamboyance.

To add to the theatricality, actors are engaged to entertain guests with performances of the most offending passages.

But when the curtain rises on the hall of the Gibichungs we at once get more artificiality and theatricality.

The cultivation of this habit ought to be, and I believe is in some cases, a safeguard against theatricality.

Fortunately, he missed that slight note of theatricality in Julian's demeanour which might have left the situation still dubious.

The means to climax range from mere action to quiet speech, from pure theatricality to lifelike subtlety.

Except when theatricality is intentionally part of the artistic design, it is, of course, undesirable.


On this page you'll find 11 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to theatricality, such as: acting, exhibitionism, histrionics, stagecraft, staginess, and theatricalness.

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