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On this page you'll find 85 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to tainting, such as: baneful, contagious, contaminating, corrupting, deadly, and deleterious.

How to use tainting in a sentence

  • She also said she sees this as tainting the once great brand of Vogue.

  • Slavery withers the affections and happiness of home at their very root, by tainting female purity.

    Slavery | William E. Channing
  • To keep the wood from tainting, we invariably, every time we dipped out rennet and exposed new surface, rubbed it with salt.

    Hints on Dairying | T. D. Curtis
  • I think by this time the old fallacy of musk-rats tainting beer and wine in bottles by simply running over them is exploded.

  • At last he came to a ruined city, where a number of corpses were lying about unburied, tainting the air with pestilence.

    Polish Fairy Tales | A. J. Glinski
  • tainting its title the sinister name of Moebus seemed to reoccur persistently in his confused imagination.

    The Danger Mark | Robert W. Chambers

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