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Non-central words, even if mentioned frequently in the text, are suppressed.COULD GOOGLE PASSAGE INDEXING BE LEVERAGING BERT?DAWN ANDERSONOCTOBER 29, 2020SEARCH ENGINE LAND
The standard feminist reading of Bertha is that she is Jane’s shadow self, making her a metaphor for the violence and unruliness that Jane suppresses out of her life.GOTHIC NOVELS ARE OBSESSED WITH BORDERS. MEXICAN GOTHIC TAKES FULL ADVANTAGE.CONSTANCE GRADYOCTOBER 16, 2020VOX
In 28, governments blocked websites or forced outlets, users, or platforms to censor information in order to suppress critical reporting, unfavorable health statistics, or other content related to the coronavirus.GOVERNMENTS ARE USING THE PANDEMIC AS AN EXCUSE TO RESTRICT INTERNET FREEDOMCHARLOTTE JEEOCTOBER 14, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
One group of 40 scientists wrote a letter to the chief medical officers of the UK suggesting that they should aim to “suppress the virus across the entire population”.CORONAVIRUS: IS THE CURE WORSE THAN THE DISEASE? THE MOST DIVISIVE QUESTION OF 2020LGBTQ-EDITOROCTOBER 12, 2020NO STRAIGHT NEWS
The GOP balked after Google curtailed ad targeting, calling the restrictions “a blatant attempt to suppress voter information.”‘WOULDN’T MAKE ECONOMIC SENSE’: DESPITE HYPED TARGETING RESTRICTIONS ON 2020 POLITICAL ADS, FEW NEW LIMITS ARE IN PLACEJIM COOPEROCTOBER 12, 2020DIGIDAY
Facebook says it will also remove posts that don’t use militarized language but that encourage poll watching as a way of suppressing voting.FACEBOOK TIGHTENS RULES ON POLITICAL POSTS AND ADS AS THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION NEARSDANIELLE ABRILOCTOBER 7, 2020FORTUNE
He has also raised the specter that the ballots of military members, among whom he enjoys broad support, might be suppressed.DOJ FREES FEDERAL PROSECUTORS TO TAKE STEPS THAT COULD INTERFERE WITH ELECTIONS, WEAKENING LONG-STANDING POLICYBY ROBERT FATURECHI AND JUSTIN ELLIOTTOCTOBER 7, 2020PROPUBLICA
Moreover, as a number of studies have shown, misinformation originates disproportionately from right-wing sources, which opens the tech platforms to accusations of political bias if they try to suppress it.HOW THE TRUTH WAS MURDEREDABBY OHLHEISEROCTOBER 7, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
The drug has not been shown to help less sick patients and could have negative effects if administered too early because of the way it suppresses the immune system.PRESIDENT’S BLOOD OXYGEN LEVELS DROPPED TWICE IN RECENT DAYS, DOCTORS SAYDEREK HAWKINS, FELICIA SONMEZ, SEUNG MIN KIM, HANNAH KNOWLESOCTOBER 5, 2020WASHINGTON POST
According to a report by CNN, the federal government has warned that Russia “might seek to covertly discourage or suppress US voters from participating” in the upcoming election.WHAT VOTER SUPPRESSION LOOKS LIKE ONLINEJOSS FONGSEPTEMBER 30, 2020VOX


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