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On this page you'll find 49 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to superphysical, such as: abnormal, celestial, concealed, dark, extramundane, and extrasensory.

How to use superphysical in a sentence

  • They will then see how close a relationship there really is between the animal and superphysical worlds.

    Animal Ghosts | Elliott O'Donnell
  • But though the evil eye denotes an evil superphysical influence, the werwolf is not necessarily possessed of it.

    Werwolves | Elliott O'Donnell
  • There is every conceivable grade of clairvoyant power and some degree of superphysical sensitiveness is becoming rather common.

    Elementary Theosophy | L. W. Rogers
  • It is pointed out that they could speedily convince the world by a display of superphysical force.

    Elementary Theosophy | L. W. Rogers
  • If we accept the idea of evolution at all we cannot escape the conclusion that there is superphysical evolution.

    Elementary Theosophy | L. W. Rogers

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