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If I could always hear the strains of an organ, I really believe that I should never sin.

A Chambermaid's DiaryOctave Mirbeau

The glee-wood (harp) was introduced, while pipes, flutes, and soft horns accompanied its strains.

Two stout old Germans were enjoying their pipes and placidly listening to the strains of the summer-garden orchestra.

To reduce the strains arising from firing, the arm is fitted with what is known as the "differential recoil."

The men were in fine spirits as they left, cheering and singing to the strains of their bands as they gaily marched away.

There was breeze enough to bring the strains of martial music from the fort even here.

We give you the job of figuring out the stresses and strains involved.

Islands of SpaceJohn W Campbell

Two Marron strains are mentioned as producers of very large nuts; otherwise this variety's record is not impressive.

There was a troubled gaze in his eyes, as of one who strains to see something that is unaccountably missing from his sight.

One strains every nerve to let loose a criminal upon the world—the other but closes the grave over guilt and crime!

Nuts and NutcrackersCharles James Lever


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