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adverb as in instinctively

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Clubhouse meanwhile is leading the charge in a wave of social media companies betting on interest in so-called spontaneous chat rooms.

From Fortune

Shoppers this holiday season are likely to be budget conscious, more selective and less impulsive than last year – especially if most shopping is done online, where browsing and spontaneous buying are typically less likely.

The company wants to foster spontaneous interactions and casual collaboration with a room-based interface.

If true, it would be the first known instance of a spontaneous cure.

An attractive solution to the measurement problem is provided by spontaneous collapse.

He expected European capitalism to evolve spontaneously into a market socialism of worker-owned cooperatives.

Later, at the Rose.Rabbit.Lie club, Amber spontaneously sing “Proud Mary” with a cabaret singer.

The mayor was now spontaneously applauded when he walked down the street.

In medicine, Lazarus is the patient who, believed dead, spontaneously starts to circulate blood.

In medicine, a ‘Lazarus patient’ is one who spontaneously starts circulating blood.

How did the Spanish Government fulfil, on its part, the decree spontaneously issued in 1868?

Many of the captaincies had, upon swearing to maintain the constitution, spontaneously adopted that measure.

It followed that everybody was reluctantly compelled to pay the higher price which the American spontaneously elected to give.

Artifice is always strictly subordinated, and the poet seems to sing spontaneously.

No one can tell whence the rhymed jeux d'esprit come; they seem to spring spontaneously from the heart and lips of the people.


On this page you'll find 16 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to spontaneously, such as: automatically, immediately, unconsciously, impromptu, ad-lib, and extemporaneously.

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