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verb as in eject saliva or substance

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You may not be able to shave the meat off a spit of your own, but you can infuse plenty of proteins with shawarma seasonings and cook them in a way that brings out both their tenderness and their crispy edges, inspired by the real thing.

Traditionally, as the spit turned, the fat would melt down the sides of the shawarma meat, moistening it and helping it caramelize.

The virus comes connected with bits of spit and other things and it can’t get through the fibers.

If the virus spreads through the air, as scientists now think it may, people may be infected simply by inhaling the virus in tiny droplets of spit released as someone talks or breathes.

If a sick person wears one of these, the mask may catch most of their germy droplets of spit or nasal mucus.

You cannot take your eyes off her for the entire film, as she vamps about, chewing up scenery and spitting out hearts.

In defiance, I held my ticket above my head, which triggered the spitting and chants of “How Dare You!”

He recounts to her the bullying he receives at school, with classmates spitting on him as he walks down the halls.

The other child started by spitting on and pinching her daughter.

I know they ended up putting a spit bag on his head because he was getting really violent and spitting and who knows what.

His Shop is the Randenvous of spitting, where men dialogue with their noses, and their conversation is smoke.

It was not long before a fire was crackling cheerily and bacon was spitting in a frying pan over the blaze.

"It wad be hard to ken," replied Matthew Maitland, taking his pipe out of his mouth and spitting savagely upon the ground.

At night to supper and to bed: this night having first put up a spitting sheet, which I find very convenient.

The rite concludes by the recipient spitting on a consecrated host and the whole assembly piercing it in turn with stilettos.


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