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Nonetheless, there is shocking specificity in the functional match.
The enzymes could be designed to target longer sequences with more specificity, but that was a much more arduous and complex process than it is with CRISPR.
For example, if an advertiser wants to find a person with a specific job, age and gender through a display banner, it’s likely impossible, she said, and no publisher is going to be able to achieve that specificity on their own.
Custom audiences can give you more flexibility and specificity with your targeting and are designed to automatically choose the right audience based on the inputs you provide and your campaign goal and bid strategy.
That lack of specificity may be to protect the sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity.
The fact of specificity is supported by the fact of constancy of forms.
The first phenomenon which strikes us in this connection is again a phenomenon of specificity.
These experiments were made at a time when the nature and bearing of the problem of specificity was not yet fully recognized.
The method thus shows the existence of not an absolute but of a strong quantitative specificity of blood serum.
The Bordet reaction was not only useful in indicating the specificity and blood relationship for animals but also among plants.


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