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noun as in financial competence

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The USPS Fairness Act provides solvency to the Postal Service without spending any additional taxpayer dollars.

Roads and bridges have crumbled, social services have withered and the solvency of Social Security and Medicare is perpetually in question.

The first is that the city’s government “relies heavily on Congress to ensure its financial solvency.”

It also bars “any statements to media which would reasonably be expected to cause the reader or hearer thereof to question the solvency or honesty of, or the quality of care or other services provided by” Prospect.

This isn’t just a question of the financial solvency of media outlets.

From Time

Over the next few years, local governments will make decisions that will determine their long-term solvency and efficacy.

And as to the future, there are basically only two ways to get to solvency.

Did Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer and the folks at AEI lust for a huge philosophical throw down on Medicare solvency?

And away they all speed in their helmets and spandex, sweating their way toward financial solvency.

In the past months, those fears–combined with real concerns about the solvency of Italy–have been intensifying.

Some waited too long—waited to dole out to a frenzied public all available cash and close the doors too late for solvency.

A diamond pin sparkled in his neck-tie, and his well-cut clothing testified to his complete solvency.

That chain which links one man's obligation to another man's solvency he has not considered.

Feudal morality differs from modern bourgeois morality as does bravery from solvency.

The panic was stopped, public confidence in the solvency of the threatened institution being at once restored.


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