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They also clarify the stakes of his study by showing that our predicament, and the resources for understanding it and withstanding it, involve living, breathing humans in community, not abstract principles or solitary saviors.

However, because the open design allows sound to leak out, the listening experience is not private and therefore is only ideal for at-home or solitary use.

Of course, price aside, you’d also need to find room for a boatload of solar cells from 1956 to equal the output of that single, solitary modern panel.

American woodcocks are iconic little solitary shorebirds that live in forests and constantly bob while they walk, and they’re rarely seen out west.

Then Tye and Matthews isolated the same mice again, this time using optogenetics to silence the DRN neurons after the period in solitary.

One forenoon, whilst I was sitting solitarily in my little chamber, this friendly man stood before me for the first time.

"Purgatory" is a mountain rising solitarily from the ocean on that side of the earth which is opposite to us.

He breakfasted very early, and dined solitarily, and at uncertain hours, as business permitted.

And she, wandering solitarily in the hall, had no doubt sat down beside a screen that had Edward and Florence on the other side.

But Jean Merle was living, and might continue to live another twenty years or more, thus solitarily and monotonously.


On this page you'll find 42 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to solitarily, such as: abandoned, all by one's lonesome, batching it, by itself/oneself, by oneself, and companionless.

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