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NASA scientists envision them one day skittering across the surface of Mars.

Skittering is a favorite method of fishing for the pickerel in weedy ponds.

Bass, Pike, Perch, and OthersJames Alexander Henshall

It was a tatterdemalion array that he had conjured into conclave with his skittering whoop along the hill-tops.

When 'Bear Cat' Went DryCharles Neville Buck

So the eye, skittering across the water, leaps promptly and cleanly to blue ranges by the Sound, a couple of miles away.

Plum PuddingChristopher Morley

With a swish he is gone, and unless I hear the skittering of tiny feet a rod away I may not tell in what direction or how.

Old Plymouth TrailsWinthrop Packard

Then he came out sideways, a skittering sort of plunge, lazy and heavy.

It was a shame that Devore kept him skittering round on little picayunish jobs—running errands, that was really what it was.

An hour ago I was wallowing in the slough of despond; now I am skittering on the heights once more.

Skittering images of her zipped through his mind, only to be shoved aside.

The SyndicC.M. Kornbluth

Does your trout to-day fancy the skittering of his food, or the withdrawal in three jerks, or the inch-deep sinking of the fly?

The ForestStewart Edward White

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