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Those are challenges Gallen understands and presents here without a shred of exoticism or sentimentality.

You can shout it until you’re blue in the face, and as a political matter it won’t make a shred of difference.

Minuscule shreds and threads of plastic are turning up all over, including in the snow on Mount Everest.

It’s time to save the lives, and the shreds of American public life, while we still can.

From Eater

With such pathetically tiny shreds left of any rare plant’s original genetic diversity, even a single new wildling could improve a species’s chances of coping with our fast-changing world.

Woods were shredded, the earth trembled and the ground exploded in showers of stone and red-hot metal splinters.

Then I picked up a book that shredded my facile preconceptions—Hard Stuff: The Autobiography of Mayor Coleman Young.

Playing and practicing any sport at an elite level leaves in its wake broken bones, shredded ligaments and neuronal death.

“My feet were shredded and cut,” Davis told The Daily Beast.

Such pairs of black holes are rare, and a star drifting close enough to get shredded is rarer.

This source of error may be eliminated by substituting a shredded whole-wheat biscuit for the roll.

Picnic baskets from which the salt has been omitted may be shredded over the surface instead of parsley.

To a few small wooden pegs stuck in the top he made fast some long strings of tow, shredded out to resemble hair.

He saw the fog drifting in shredded masses against the high buildings, shrouding the towers.

For five months I lived by myself, and the only cooked food I ate was shredded wheat biscuit.


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