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On this page you'll find 21 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to shoat, such as: pig, boar, piglet, swine, piggy, and porker.

How to use shoat in a sentence

  • We purchased a shoat from the matron of that domicile, who made us a stew that would have done credit to the Maypole Inn.

    Reminiscences of a Rebel | Wayland Fuller Dunaway
  • I see 'em when ma opened the door; and Marthy says one of 'em got currants in it, and there's a little shoat thar roasted whole.

  • Takes care of the cows and pigs, sleeps with 'em, or so handy by he could hear if a shoat had the teethache, or like that.

    Pippin; A Wandering Flame | Laura E. Richards
  • I wish it were honest American boiled fowl, with a delicate bit of shoat-pork alongside of it.

    The Chainbearer | J. Fenimore Cooper
  • Panting heavily, Jim regarded the shoat, which in turn looked back at him with insolent contempt.

    Ticktock and Jim | Keith Robertson

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