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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


It is great sport to get the crabs excited, and to see them, scuttling around, ready to attack their foes.

He then went doming and scuttling out of the room, charging Billy if he meant to go with the hounds to "look sharp."

Ask MommaR. S. Surtees

I saw the door of the Ellersly mansion opening, saw old Ellersly, bareheaded and distracted, scuttling down the steps.

The DelugeDavid Graham Phillips

It wasn't impossible that the scuttling things were truly beetles, grown large and monstrous under the conditions of a new planet.

Planet of DreadMurray Leinster

Just as he came up, the boy brought down his tool, with a crash, upon a little brown creature that was scuttling away.

No doubt Zangorri had been scuttling her when he rushed out of the hold at the noise of the attack.

Cord and CreeseJames de Mille

It was ten o'clock, but light enough for me to see her scuttling along the road as I peered through the window.

The BrightenerC. N. Williamson

I could see him distinctly under the water, scuttling away in a downward direction just below me.

Parkhurst BoysTalbot Baines Reed

And whenever she looks with special fixity into the darkness there is soon a scuttling of somebody out of doors.

Faint sliding noises in the thickets were made by the little animals, scuttling away in fright at the odor of man.

The Keepers of the TrailJoseph A. Altsheler


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