Antonyms for scurries

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


Some are brave, so the crowd kicks them and scurries off to catch the four-fifteen.

Some bird, in the exuberance of its mad joy, scurries wildly past the windows.

And lo, the Guinea-fowl frees her head, stands up, regains her balance and scurries off!

A scowling horde of ghosts draws near, and scurries furiously through the wind, bellowing drearily to the stars.

This did not annoy him so much as the conviction that in her scurries she had managed to scratch his face abundantly.

He was still bending over him, his eyes blinking in his joy, scurries of irradiating smiles chasing each other over his face.

It all happens before Abbot has time to realize what is going on, then she scurries up the stone steps and rings the bell.

Maybe the female shouts out to her suitors, "Who touches me first wins," and away she scurries like an arrow.

New Year's Day opened fiercest of all, with scurries of snow, lowering sky, and a wind that threatened to be a gale before night.

From his district offices, there scurries forth a corps of smooth-tongued, quick-witted young men—the travelling passenger agents.