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The opposition Labour Party has also called for government scrutiny of Nvidia’s purchase.
After Zandvliet’s story became public in 2019, state legislators passed a new law designed to prevent large pockets of unvaccinated children in certain schools and subject doctors like Zandvliet who write many exemptions to more scrutiny.
They are coming under increasing scrutiny and regulation across the world.
While the company has enjoyed huge customer and revenue growth in 2020, and raised large amounts of money from investors, it is also facing scrutiny over its customer service and technical stability.
Of course, it’s easier to brag when your accounts aren’t subject to public scrutiny.
A tough-looking guard let us in after some scrutiny and suspicious eyeballing.
The coronavirus pandemic has brought new scrutiny to the way in which Amazon treats its warehouse workers, whose exhausting, precarious positions now come with a decent chance they’ll be exposed to a deadly virus.
The updated policy has been in the works for months and has been the subject of much scrutiny and internal controversy.
As businesses brace themselves against these economic headwinds, marketers’ performance — and subsequently their agencies’ performance — are coming under even more scrutiny than they were in the first half of the year.
Ultimately, for advertisers, it isn’t so much who owns the app, but the intense scrutiny of the platform that has had its fair share of controversies, ranging from dangerous challenges to sexually suggestive content.


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